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SAP trex writer already open failed to create jacket filer CabinetException in Stapler.cpp


In TREX, during daily operation for example indexing, you get the following error:

ERROR: writer already open
[1201441088] 2010-04-29 15:47:22.386 e TrexCabinet Stapler.cpp(01821) :ERROR: failed to create jacket!!!
[1201441088] 2010-04-29 15:47:22.386 e TrexCabinet Stapler.cpp(01822) :TrexCabinetException in Stapler.cpp(180): ‘failed to create filer!!!’


Change the value of parameter merge_deltas to “no” in TREXIndexServer.ini.

Following this, restart TREX and execute reindexing once more

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