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Delete source systems in RSA1 after BW system copy


You want to delete all source systems in BW system after a system copy


1. Go to Transaction SE16 – table RSBASIDOC to determine all existing source system connections

a) If entries exist:

Note down all these entries: fields RLOGSYS and SLOGSYS.

Go to Transaction SE37 – function module RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT

Single Test.


DO NOT enter a value in the “RFC target sys” field. If you do, this causes the function module to run in the system specified there.

Repeat this for all entries in table RSBASIDOC.

This step deletes all obsolete BW connections.

b) If no entries exist:

Skip step 1.

2. Go to Transaction SM30 – table T000. Make sure that the client to be repaired has the logical name that it had before the copy. The BW system identifies the source system by this name.

3. If you renamed the system, execute Transaction BDLS in the source system to reset all relevant tables to the new logical system name. To do this, see Notes 121163 and 369758.

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