Exporting client

In order to export sap tables, create a controlfile (under /usr/sap/trans/bin/controlfile_export) with following content.

client = 500
file = export_file
select * from VARI
select * from VARID
select * from VARIT
select * from VARIS
select * from VARINUM

and execute following command;

R3trans -w /usr/sap/trans/bin/vari_exp.log -u 1


In order to import the exported tables into target client, create a controlfile /usr/sap/trans/bin/controlfile_import with the following content

client = 500
file = export_file

execute following command on target system;

R3trans -w /usr/sap/trans/bin/vari_imp.log -u 1 /usr/sap/trans/bin/controlfile_import