Python support scripts of the HANA Database as HANA 1.0 SPS12

The python support can be found in /usr/sap/<SID>/HDB<XX>/exe/python_support.
Usually you can use the option ‘–help’ and ‘–helpGeneral’ on each scripts. Be carefeful before you execute one, these scripts can impact the system.
You can use combined with the script, which passes the necessary variables towards.
Example: –help
Collects diagnosis information from the SAP HANA database
Some options:
Collects trace files starting from the specified date
(format: YYYY-MM-DD)
Collects trace files up to the specified date (format:
Path to exported tables/views
-t TENANT, –tenant=TENANT
Specifies the tenant where the files are to be
python -F 20171110 -T 20171112 (download from 2399996)
Reads values from various HDB ini files.
python –key=global/persistence/log_mode
Cleans up backup catalog, trace files, alerts, audit logs, etc – can be set as a periodic task.
This script is an expert tool designed by SAP support. You are allowed to use it, but SAP doesn’t take over any responsibility for problems originating from the use of this tool.
(trace files, statistics server alerts and backup catalog entries, i.e. not the backups themselves, older than 42 days
are deleted and backup logs bigger than 50 mb are compressed and renamed and logsegments a removed if more than 20
free once exist for a service):
> python -tc 42 -tf 42 -ar 42 -bd 42 -zb 50 -lr 20 -eh 2 eu -42
AUTHOR: Christian Hansen
(2399996 – How-To: Configuring automatic SAP HANA Cleanup with SAP HANACleaner)
Show complete HW information
python -v

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