The creation of an index terminates with the Oracle error “ORA-02220: invalid MINEXTENTS storage option value”. During the transport, during the Support Package import, during an upgrade, or during the Enhancement Package installation, the termination occurs in the “Move Nametabs” phase.

For example:

2WETP000 13:54:36: Retcode 1: error in DDL statement for “E2E_TEMPL_CONT ” – repeat

2EETP345 13:54:48: Retcode 1: SQL-error “2220-ORA-02220: invalid MINEXTENTS storage option value” i

2EETP345 n DDL statement for “E2E_TEMPL_CONT ”

2 ETP399 ————— DB-ROLLBACK() —————

2EETP334 13:54:48: error in DDL, nametab for “E2E_TEMPL_CONT” not activated


The synonym <SAP user>.USER_INDEXES and the view SYS.SAP_USER_INDEXES must be deleted from the database (DB).

For example: The Oracle database user of the SAP system is SAPR3E. You can then delete the objects using sqlplus as follows:

SQL> connect / as sysdba;

SQL> drop synonym sapr3e.user_indexes;

SQL> drop view sys.sap_user_indexes;

and then activate the affected tables in transaction SE11 or Se14