Global enterprise software provider SAP has confirmed the resignation of one of its executives from the Middle East and North Africa region, with a spokesperson telling ZDNet another executive in the region is also currently on administrative leave.

The spokesperson said the executive in question resigned on November 18, 2017, but offered no further detail, except that SAP “respects the executive’s decision”.

As reported by Reuters, the individuals referred to by SAP were Tayfun Topkoc, the company’s country manager for the United Arab Emirates, who joined SAP in 2014 from Hewlett Packard where he held the position of regional director for Software Business in Middle East, and Oman country manager Przemek Oledzki, who Reuters identified as being chief of staff for the UAE, Iran, and Oman region.

SAP said it is currently investigating business activities in the region, and although the spokesperson could not further expand on the information while the investigation is ongoing, they did say there is no link to South Africa.

In July, SAP appointed an interim management team in Africa after four management team members were placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into allegations of misconduct within the procurement process related to one of SAP Africa’s contracts.

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