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Down The Data Pipeline With SAP

Data is becoming more differentiated and varied, while also becoming more widespread in its usage by companies of all sizes in all verticals. Data is also becoming more rapid (real time) in nature, more crucial to the way modern cloud-centric companies work and altogether more multifaceted. With so much complexity at hand, how can firms attempting to go digital stop themselves from slipping down the rabbit hole and losing sight of what was originally their core business model?

A sense of digital agitation

If organizations are actually agitated by the prospect of having to ‘go digital’ and adopt a whole set of new technologies, then this is perhaps why firms like SAP are packaging up (for want of a slightly less disparaging term) their technologies into chunks that represent complete platforms. With a platform (such as Windows, Android, Apple OS X or indeed SAP HANA or SAP Leonardo), we can then get used to the idea of working to a governing methodology to define the way we do things in IT. From our methodology, we can then define our workflow… and in the world of data that’s crucial as it allows us to describe a so-called data pipeline.

But what is a data pipeline?

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