How to check and run db2 table statistics on sap system


    You want to check and update db2 statistics of an SAP System.


    1) Find last statistics run of table for example T000. Execute following command as db2<sid>:

    db2 “select STATS_TIME from syscat.tables where tabname=’T000′”

    2) Execute runstat:

    At first find db-owner:

    db2 “select tabschema, tabname from syscat.tables where tabname like ‘%USR02%'”

    If it yields SAPSR3, execute following command:

    db2 “runstats on table SAPR3.T000 with DISTRIBUTION and detailed indexes all”

    3) If you want to to run statistics for all table use dmdb6srp tool

    dmdb6srp -n <SID> -t ALL