You are installing Sap System with DB2 and get following error during executing db2 script residing in installation directory

ERROR 2013-01-29 08:13:19.747 [sixxcstepexecute.cpp:937]

FCO-00011 The step enableRoles with step key |NW_ABAP_OneHost|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|NW_Onehost_System|ind|ind|ind|ind|onehost|0|NW_CreateDBandLoad|ind|ind|ind|ind|createdbandload|0|NW_Postload|ind|ind|ind|ind|postload|0|NW_PostloadDB6|ind|ind|ind|ind|5|0|enableRoles was executed with status ERROR ( Last error reported by the step: Execution of the command “/usr/sap/tmp/zinst/ -d D30 -enable_roles” finished with status TST_ERROR.)


Change the file permissions of script to 777 on the OS level

# cd <installation_directory>

# chmod 777