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SAPINST fails ORA-15204 database version is incompatible with diskgroup


During creating a new database on ASM, SAPINST fails with errors: ORA-00200 ORA-00202 ORA-17502 ORA-15001 ORA-15204. In oracle trace file there are detailed error descriptions:

ORA-00200: control file could not be created
ORA-00202: control file: ‘+DATA/os1/cntrlos1.dbf’
ORA-17502: ksfdcre:3 Failed to create file +DATA/os1/cntrlos1.dbf
ORA-15001: diskgroup “DATA” does not exist or is not mounted
ORA-15204: database version is incompatible with diskgroup
ORA-1501 signalled during: CREATE DATABASE …


Your database Parameter COMPATIBLE is not set properly and probably too low.

There a few workarounds

1) Use the latest SWPM version


2) For older versions of SAPINST edit initora. in installation master dvd in directory ‘…/COMMON/INSTALL/ORA/INITSID112.ORA’.

Change line

compatible = 11.2.0


compatible =

Save your changes and restar the installation from the beginning.


3) If you don’t want to restart SAPINST from the beginning.


logon to the database server as user ‘oracle’ and set the environment for the database instance

Stop the database instance (from NOMOUNT)
OS> sqlplus / as sysdba

Open $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init<SID>.ora in an editor (vi)

Set parameter compatible to a value that allows to create the database on the chosen ASM disk groups.

Start the database instance again
OS> sqlplus / as sysdba

Return to SAPINST and <RETRY>.

Creating the database should now succeed and SAPINST will continue.

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