During installing  SAP on Linux with DB2 database you get the following error:

ERROR      2014-02-05 10:48:52 [iax6bnodeg.cpp:139]

CDB6NodeGroups::Create(const map<iastring,iastring>&)

Lib=iamoddb6 module=CDB6NodeGroups

MDB-01052  Could not connect to database: DB6CliConnectUser(): [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30082N  Security processing failed with reason “15” (“PROCESSING FAILURE”).  SQLSTATE=08001


Check if  hashing method is md5.

Before creating user, you should first change hashing method of passwords with:

# authconfig –passalgo md5 –update

and than delete/create user

a)Delete user sap<sid>

b)Create User sap<sid>

c)Change password

d)Change password by utility

#dscdb6up sapd33