How to execute sap language import

You want to perform sap language import into sap system but you are not sure about the right steps

The language import must always be performed in client 000. The supplementation must first be performed in client 000 and can then be scheduled in higher clients. However, only client-specific tables are supplemented.

Find the list of language codes in Table T002

1- Deactivate import_all

2- Edit profile RZ10 parameter, add new language to be installed. For example, french


3- In transaction SE38 -> run report RSCPINST -> add FR

4- install OS locales if needed

5- client 000 > SMLT > clasify language

6- client 000 > SMLT > import language

7- client 000 > se38 -> rstlan_import_ocs (SPs)

8- client 000 > SLMT > language supplement

9- client 010 > SLMT > language supplement

Info: The default is set so that if you are logged on to client 000, all cross-client and client-specific tables are supplemented in client 000. In other clients, only the client-specific tables in the logon client are selected for supplementation

10- To copy all reference customizing texts from client 000 to the 010

– for 4.6 4.6D SMLT > language > special actions > client maintence

– bis 6.10 > client 10 > run RSREFILL with inser mode

– ab 6.10 > client 010 > RSTLAN_SUPPLEMENT_UNI > select “client maintenance with cust. Translations”.

(normally use the program RSREFILL to do this, (transport translations between clients), however it often copies too few texts. RSREFILL loads only the missing fields)