You are trying to register a Sap, probably PI System, in SLD by entering User Password for Data Supplier and Client User

(SLD_DS_xx and SLD_CL_xx ) and getting following error:

Validation Error: Ping Remote SLD with SLD Client User has failed, reason: user/password invalid


There 2 workarounds

1) Check your SLD-System if any error has occured including:

[EXCEPTION] Error while postponing connection to queue …. ” …..HTTP_WAIT”: -3 no more memory for FCA.

If yes => call


If you get again a similar error to keyword “FCA”, you must give system more memory. Restarting server helps mostly


You have to update your LM CONFIGURATION (LMCFG) component according to your NW Version as follows

NW 7.31

SP6 004
SP7 001
SP8 003

NW 7.40
SP2 002
SP3 004

Please bear in the mind that it is suggested to update all components in Java and not only LMCFG or another one