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Innovation at scale: How SAP Fieldglass maintains a startup mentality

As our customers become more concerned about security and privacy, SAP Fieldglass continues to meet their needs … tests — a high-level test cycle run […]

SAP Patches Critical Vulnerability in BusinessObjects

The remaining SAP security notes address bugs in Netweaver Application Server for ABAP (CVE-2018-2470), BusinessObjects (CVE-2018-2472, CVE-2018-2467), Data Services (CVE-2018-2466), Plant Connectivit… Read full article […]

Scientists say U.S. military’s insect program could be seen as bioweapon

Other experts expressed ethical and security concerns with the research … In the first phase, aphids—tiny bugs that feed by sucking sap from plants—infected plants […]

Synopsys on source code security sensitivities

Senior security strategist at Synopsys Taylor Armerding further suggests … Synopsys’ Armerding points to a Reuters report saying that major tech companies – SAP, Symantec, […]

SAP SECURITY FOR CISO: SAP Attacks and Incidents

Weaknesses in SAP security controls would permit non-police staff members … and reposted on Fulldisclosure. The status of the bug was “unable to contact the […]