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SAP Sales Cloud Solution Brings ML-driven Lead and Deal Intelligence to Users

… compensation management solution from Callidus Software Inc. with the SAP HANA business data platform. Benchmark testing shows that calculating commissions improved 15-fold, a speed […]

SAP + Esri Hackathon: Coding with a purpose

Just recently, we announced that Esri now supports SAP HANA as a certified enterprise geodatabase – an achievement both companies have been striving for. Make […]

How SAP NS2 Provides The U.S. Government With Technology Solutions

“To better exploit our platform’s capabilities in the national security space, we’ve created investment and partnership relationships with emerging technologies and companies interested in innovating […]

SAP Focused Run successfully implemented

SAP FRUN uses the full power of SAP HANA as a platform and as a powerful solution to enable service providers, like Dimension Data, to […]

What to Expect from the Move to Linux

SAP HANA runs exclusively on Linux, which means that a moment of change is coming for many SAP customers that have not yet adopted SAP […]