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SAP Install non-unicode system from unicode CDs


You want to install a non unicode sap system ECC6. For this, you need ECC6 SR2 installation CDs, which are not available in Sapnet any more.


Bear in the mind that this is not officially supported !!

Download SR3 installation CDs.

During installation adjust the keydb.xml file in the sapinst work-directory.

Start sapinst and choose installation step as usuall. When you reach the dialog as stated below, cancel sapinst.

Open keydb.xml and search for the section as described and change the Value for “NeedUnicode” from “true” to “false” (it is important that it is only changed in this section!!!)

Then restart sapinst and choose the option “Continue old installation” – sapinst will pick up keydb.xml from the work-directory and should allow you to install non-Unicode.

The parameter NeedUnicode is per default true but can be changed to false in keydb.xml (table = tWhat). Before changing of keydb.xml please stop SAPINST as soon as the dialog asking for the SAPSID comes up: “SAP System” -> “General Parameters” -> “SAP System Parameters”.


<fld name=”Name”>



<fld name=”Value”>




Re-start the SAPINST.

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